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Case Management Services

A Special Needs Connections case manager will guide you through the waiver application process from start to finish and answer questions you may have. The intake and application process will include the application for your county DHS (if applicable), which our case managers will assist with. We maintain communication during the approval waiting period and provide community resources, referrals and support throughout the time your child is active on the Medicaid waiver. 

*Assessing your child’s long-term care needs   *Develop and implement a care plan for your child   *Coordinating and monitoring the delivery of long-term care services   *Evaluating the effectiveness of the services   *Quarterly monitoring and annual reassessments of your child’s needs.

In-Home Support Services (IHSS)

In-Home Support Services (IHSS) Benefits

Children on the Children's Home and Community Based Services Medicaid waiver  are eligible to apply for IHSS Health Maintenance tasks hours through a state approved IHSS provider. Health Maintenance Activities are those routine and repetitive skilled health related tasks, which are necessary for health and normal bodily functioning, that an individual with a disability would carry out if they were physically able, or that would be carried out by family or friends if they were available. These activities include skilled tasks typically performed by a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or licensed nurse that do not require the clinical assessment and judgement of a licensed nurse. 

IHSS lets you (the parent) direct and manage the attendants who provides your child's health maintenance services with the added support of an agency. Through IHSS, you are empowered to select, train and manage attendants of your choice to best fit your unique needs or you may delegate these responsibilities to an Authorized Representative. You may choose to have a relative (spouse, Aunt, Grandparent, etc) provide the care or you may also choose to be your child's paid caregiver. 

Health First Colorado State Plan Benefits

Children on the Children's Home and Community Based Services Medicaid waiver are eligible for state plan benefits which include but are not limited to:

*Health Care Provider Visits   *Dental Services   *Emergency Services and Transportation   *Behavior Health *Pharmacy   *Durable Medical Equipment   *Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy   *Laboratory Services *Preventive and Wellness Services   *Specialists Visits   *Home Health Care   *Vision Care   *Medical Supplies *Nutritional Supplies